Harran Sade Yağ - Şanlıurfa Sadeyağı

Bahar Harran Sadeyağları has been found in 2012 by Mr. Ahmet Çakır and his partners in Sanliurfa city of Turkey.

Our main business is to produce Pure Butter and Butter and to export it to many different countries in all around the World. We aimed to make our brand well known by all the people and to continue giving confidence in the sector with sure step as some our first jobs since we created the company.We do packaging and production in universal health and hygiene standards without changing the taste and flavor of our natural and traditional Pure Butter. Our vision is to sell our Pure Butter to every countries in the world.


From past to future, we supply the best pure butter of our region, pack it and make it ready for sale.



With the experience and history of thousand years for Pure Butter of our region;
Pure Butter is the essence of Butter.
Butter is a such product that contains at least 80% by weight, at most 90% milk fat; at most 2% skim milk dry matter and at most 16% water.
As supplier and manufacturer Harran Sadeyag, we carry our traditional 100 % pure and unadulterated traditional Pure Butter to world markets.



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